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About Us

This onstitute has been developing since 1998. I remember that day when we started this school. On the date of 4th december,1998. Bhai Panthpreet Singh Khalsa , the great parchar of sikh religion prayed to God (Ardas) in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib ji And took 'Hukamnama'. Hukamnama was as the the follwing :-

According to first letter of this 'Hukamnama' put the name of this school Shaheed Baba Zorawar Singh Public Sen. Sec School. We all know about the sacrifice of Sahibzada Zorawar Singh. We are trying to accept his valuable thought and inspire the students to go on his ways. We always try to teach them about our rich culture and to avoid western culture.In the first year , only eight students took admission in this school and this school was run only in two rented rooms.This foundation stone of this present building had been laid in novenber 2005.

In the present tme, approximately eleven hundred students from twenty six villages including Jodhpur Pakhar are trying to make their careerin this institute. This this institute has been putting steps towards all around development and progressive attitude of the students since 1998 and trying to provide cheap and higher education for rural students . The management as well as qualified teaching staff is working hard day night to reach the students at the glorious hights of success . Now, this school has been becoming well known and most popular institute of the rural area because of good co-opeciatic of respected parents and especially with the blessing of God. I pray to God this Instituteion may develop day night and grant the charly of education to the students.