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I am feeling so much pleasure as well as pride to launch the website of SBZSPS Jodhpur Pakhar because the modren time is the age of technology . Website ,network and computer , these are inspiring sources for the students. So, we are trying to attach the students with computer technology through this website . The education parents can watch important message from principal, home assignment, progress reports and other activities of their children through this website . I am sure this website will prove a foundation store in educational and progressive mission of the students.

We wish to build in our students a value system that would stand the test of time . Truth, courage , determination and freedom must be deeply in-grained in their personality so that they become an adieal Bhevid of the traditional and the modern . Our endeavor is to make the school year of our children happiest and the most educative year of their lives, to give them a well rounded holistic education that would prepare them to adopt successfully to the rapidly charging environment of todays world.

The faith that parents have reposed in us, gives us an additiovial sivice sense of responsibility and humanity and I am sure that they would continue to provide us with valueable suggestions snout this websites and other educational activities in the future.Wishing you all the best for your new academic session.